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Question   the Old tree
I am amazed at your eye for seeing beyond the mundane, inspiring a memory of my childhood and giving the world pause. I thank God everyday for people like you and hope that He continues to bless all of us abundantly with the work he inspires you to create.

- Patricia Barton July 11, 2013

  Answer Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement.

- Vicki Gilbreath  July 11, 2013

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Question   Mary Morgan Loves Your Site
I am overwhelmed by the beauty of your photography!!

- Mary Cheek September 27, 2010

  Answer Thank you, Mary. I sure do love taking pictures. And then when I review them and I get a good one - that's amazing!

- Vicki Gilbreath  September 27, 2010

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Question   Editor's Pick
13 Editor's Picks!!! Absolutely love the humingbird! The agapanthas are my second favorite! I see a conference room in their future!!

- Nancy Glass August 01, 2010

  Answer Thanks!! I'm excited (and I think they would look great in a conference room).

- Vicki Gilbreath  August 01, 2010

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Question   Website
Dear Vicki,
Love your work, and especially the addition of bible verses. (The pictures and verses match beautifully). Have you ever thought of designing a calendar?

- Linda Valdez July 15, 2010

  Answer Thank you, Linda. I'm exploring all kinds of options - a calendar sounds great. Let's see what I can make happen.

- Vicki Gilbreath  July 24, 2010

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Question   Beautiful site!
Vicki, you continue to amaze. Beautiful work!

- Dan Gilbreath June 16, 2010

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Question   Your Photos
Just beautiful Vicki!

- Rachel Monahan June 13, 2010

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Question   Vicki-ly
You are certainly a ten-ly in my eyes! Great Job! Love your photos and am anxious to see more!

- Karen Bunjes June 13, 2010

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Question   Website
I love your website! Amazing photos...and to think I own a Vicki Gilbreath original...my photo of Hawaii always makes me smile!

- LaJuana Keith June 13, 2010

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Question   Pictures
Truly amazing!!!! Love them. I felt as if I where there. Hope to see more!

- Debbie Zoski June 13, 2010

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Question   My Sister
I think you've found your muse!! Love it!

- Nancy Glass June 11, 2010

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Question   Website
You have a beautiful website. The photos look great and the music sets the mood. Way to go.

- Randy Glass June 10, 2010

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